Gellideg Fields

The Gellideg Fields are a beautiful green space on the edge of an estate which has limited play and recreation areas. The Gellideg Fields are 16 hectares in size with a mixture of broad leaved woodland, marshy and neutral grassland and dense bracken. When we first leased the area, the site was over grown and inaccessible for walks. Local people said it would be good to be able to walk and play in the fields like they used to do when they were young. The site offers a unique opportunity for residents to enjoy a site of special scientific interest whilst learning more about the environment and how to live sustainably alongside an area of natural beauty.

Environmental improvements

The Coordinator oversees a programme of physical environmental improvements at the site, including grass and bramble clearance, signage and bins, and the creation of a picnic area. The Coordinator supports young people, those who are NEET, people with learning disabilities and in poor mental health and others to volunteer at the Gellideg Fields, providing an excellent resource for local people to enjoy a natural environment on their doorstep.

Awareness raising of sustainable issues

The Coordinator conducts awareness raising and educational workshops at the Gellideg Fields and trains local volunteers to become environmental stewards of the Gellideg Fields. The volunteer stewards carry out a range of environmental activities including pond dipping sessions, butterfly counts, creating composting points, flower surveys, bird surveys etc.

Activities and events

Volunteers are supported to hold community events at the Gellideg Fields, including an opening ceremony, spring, summer, autumn and winter nature detective trails, woodland art competitions, tree climbing, tree planting, den building etc.

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