Gellideg Community Projects

Gellideg is a social housing estate to the north of Merthyr Tydfil which ranks amongst the 10% most deprived areas in Wales. Already starting from a poor baseline, it is increasingly apparent that residents of Gellideg are being adversely affected by the economic down turn, experiencing cuts in public services and benefits, redundancy and reduced opportunities for employment.

'Gellideg, a self sustaining community' is an empowerment programme, which seeks to galvanise the resources, commitment and potential of local people to provide for themselves and for others.

Residents manage and deliver activities across the spectrum of themes including improving health and wellbeing, accessing the outdoors, promoting community cohesion and championing education and life long learning. The ultimate goal of this project is to affirm Gellideg as a vibrant, cohesive community, inclusive of all its residents who work together to deliver and enjoy life enhancing opportunities during a time of potential economic and social uncertainty.

We are grateful to the Big Lottery for funding this project. Contact: Ceri Scorey email or Tina Stephens email Phone 01685 383929

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