About Us

The Gellideg Foundation Group (the GFG) is a community organisation based on a social housing estate in Merthyr Tydfil. Residents on the estate founded the group in 1998 in response to the worsening socio economic conditions of that time.

The motto of the group is 'the future is ours to create'.

Today we have developed into an innovative anti-poverty organisation focussed on empowering people to achieve their potential.

We employ 35 staff and are governed by local residents. We deliver programmes across the themes of health and wellbeing, life long learning, addressing child poverty, vocational training and environmental improvements.

The GFG is supported by over 50 regular volunteers and without them the breadth and range of our work would not be possible. We wish to say a big thank you to our volunteers, you are making change happen.

Gellideg Doodle

We operate across the borough of Merthyr Tydfil, delivering services and support to an area of 20,000 people. At the GFG we have a sensitised understanding of people's motivations, attitudes and behaviours. We are particularly good at engaging with residents who others find hard to reach. It is our aim to not only work with residents who are already motivated to volunteer and participate in community activity, but to support disenfranchised residents to change attitudes and behaviours. At the GFG it is our challenge to provide opportunities at a local level which integrate a level of progression, gradually introducing participants to partners, services and opportunities beyond their most immediate locality. We have grounded experience in grassroots community development and community empowerment.

We work in partnership with agencies from the statutory, voluntary and private sectors. Over recent years we have started to diversify into operating social enterprises to employ local people, provide excellent services and products and to utilise all profits generated to underpin social programmes.